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Our synthesis of sector- and subject-related excellence creates sustainable added value for companies. We are comfortable in many different sectors, so you also benefit from the extensive expertise in our highly skilled teams, and enjoy well-thought-out solutions for a successful future.

Custom-fit solutions

We strongly believe that lasting solutions only come about through close interplay between subject- and sector-related skills, because specialist solutions only become fully effective if they are specifically designed for the appropriate sector. In this way, our implementation and transformation expertise helps to create highly effective solutions that are utilized by companies on a long-term basis.

Comprehensive expertise

When it comes to expertise, word gets around fast. Small wonder then that so many companies and organizations rely on our well-founded, wide-ranging expertise, all the way from A for automobile to U for utilities. We know what matters, and that resonates with our customers. When will you do business with us?


Transitioning to sustainable consumption in an ever-changing world

Consumer awareness has changed greatly in recent years. Sustainability, environmental protection, social and corporate fair conditions are key values in broad groups of buyers and are crucial for price-performance assessment. The coronavirus pandemic, however, brought a great deal of uncertainty with it with respect to changed consumer expectations and priorities, the willingness to pay for sustainable products and suitable communication. This study focuses on the topics Sustainability under pandemic conditions and in the future, willingness to pay for “green” products and labeling of sustainable consumer goods.

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